LEAF workshop

G1: Define the quintessential course aims and objectives
G2: Define how the attributes discussed can be incorporate into weekly assignments
G3: Relevant methods of learning

Andrew Pickering:
Is it possible to have one curriculum? I am not sure.
Propose anti-disciplinarily: disciplines get in the way.
Try to get the students to get to think about that it makes a difference how they think about the world

Jamie Allen:
People have disciplines within them – being the disciplines is interesting
Para-academia: be critical towards the institutions we are in and the structures they present

Annette Finsdottir
Why should you think about the disciplines – we want the students to go across disciplines
Do we need institutions – do the artists need the scientists and vice verse?
You cannot make a curriculum – it is a flux changing
Make a wiki with sources that students can navigate through – there are different ways through the material
We need to teach students how to strategize – how do we do that?

Thomas Markussen:
As an institution you can find
We tried to take humanities into interaction design – as the “big brother” who did the right thing. But it did not work because it did not embrace what we were doing.
What is the heart of our practice? Experimentation! Finding a ground for experimentation between different disciplines

Marianne Ping Huang
Working with experimentation
Conflicts between disciplines spark creativity

Falk Heinrich
Part of the curriculum is having academic artistic methodology – every semester
Ideas about being an academic and artist are hard to get around
Idea about “media-form”: academics de-couble and new-couble

Morten’s summary: (see image)
Is the art field a new discipline is it a discipline at all?
Pragmatics around study planning
Institutional strategies
How to create tactics for artistic development
The world is not fixed

G1: Define the quintessential course aims and objectives
Methodology and inquiry
Media and thinking through
Students need to show possibilities of things

G2: Define how the attributes discussed can be incorporate into weekly assignments
Students need to know the techniques of doing to be able to show what they think
Theories inform experiences
Embodied informative

G3: Relevant methods of learning
Understanding each other’s methods
Trust – learn about trust
Can we only demonstrate – are the students not able to show?
Play needs credibility – it has to be part of the curriculum
Science and art as exceptions