Concept vs Content

Bottom Up

Critical Playfulness
Celebrate Failure


Critical Thinking

A Base!
Conducive Environment
History and Geography
Common Language / Meta Language

Meta Systematic
Synthetic Thinking
Openness (Trans/Inter…)

Question The Teaching Model


Group 1: Course Aims and Objectives. Ionat:
Ai to create thinking people who can fail and adapt.
Inquiry for inquiries sake
The exchange needs to be Embodiment
Needs time to develop and embed, not short courses.
Discipline integrity, interzone for disciplines to engage in inquiry.
Misunderstanding and mistrust.
Not output oriented.

Group 2: attributes. Nina:
Trust, applicants have to have an active commitment to trust.
Playfulness, not enough in the arts, sciences or education. Serious humour.
Playfulness can break different barriers with humour.
How a Game attitude enters into the framework, the course as a game. Entering untried concepts.
Failing in the game allows graduation to another game
Entering the curriculum students have to develop and make decisions about choice, accountability? Active involvement
Historicity, positioning the discourse, background
Language and the meta language: language is a project(ion?) at the end of a course
Keywords: interpretation of the keyword is contributed by the students…
The word ‘MODEL’ and everyone had a separate interpretation.

Group 3: teaching strategies. Richardo:
Shared classes across disciplines
Project based working with project themes
Collaboration based.
Self-choice, self design (choosing the wrong path?)
Regular meetings and common discussions…
Foundation course is imperative, a place to establish a common ground.
Real world testing in a project space, with a public environment
Deconstructing foundation
Digital sharing and digital reflection, fast communication between people (eg: social network exchange)
Different methods of measuring outcomes…
The paradox of failure!
Creative chaos
Understanding definitions
And deciding a common language
Knowledge injection from a range of disciplines/knowledge

Learning outcomes:
Thinking people.

Should not be an art curriculum…

Why, when there are so many academics with like minds, does nothing change within institutions?